Course Image CEN523-Computer Networking and Security

CEN523-Computer Networking and Security

Computer Networking and Security

Security is pervasive throughout a computer system with security mechanisms at all layers and levels. A single design flaw at one layer can render the whole security system useless. This course gives an introduction to computer security and related issues (viruses, spam etc), and then goes on to consider security as it relates to a single computer. Introductory material is independent of any operating system. It will include password protection and its vulnerability. Disaster recovery, requirements, policy, strategy, technical term and execution of recovery plans. Secure Computer System: External Security Measures, Issue, and Security Models. Cryptography System, Public Key Systems, digital signatures. Network and Telecommunication Security: Fundamentals, Issue, Objective and Threats, Security Services, Distributed System Security. Routing, Switches/Hubs, Hacking, Android security, Network Protocol and OSI, VoIP, New Generation Firewalls, LAN, WAN, Wireless WEP, WAP, WiMax, TCP/IP. 

Course Image CEN520-Robotics & Automation

CEN520-Robotics & Automation

Industrial automation has witnessed rapid and increased growth in the last decade, as
companies, business enterprises, and various other organizations seek ways to improve the
quality of their products and services. Also, in today’s manufacturing sector, industrial
automation is being used to continuously increase productivity and reduce manual labour.
Therefore, this course introduces the techniques and applications of automation as it relates
to the field of robotics.